Friday, February 25, 2011

Documentary of Work

For quite a while, I have let myself be content with living paycheck to paycheck, never really looking ahead farther than the current moment.  While this is, on the whole, a great way to become something like a zen master, it tends not to help if you find yourself losing hours at a job that, until now, had always been "enough".  Perhaps I found inner peace a little too early in life; after all, part of career seeking is an inner drive to do well.

My current job is pizza delivery, at Deliberately-Obscuredo's, and it has been a position that has always been there for me to fall back on.  I have no intention of leaving entirely once I do find a position which does *not* involve using all of your money to maintain your means of making money, but I will probably have fewer hours, if not because of reduced availability, then so that I do not use all of that other paycheck maintaining my vehicle.

My other concern is to return to school; I was accepted into a few colleges, but at around the time I was applying to them, my father had passed away.  With money relatively tight, I had thought that there was only enough money for myself or my sister to go to college; therefore, I made the decision that my sister would go, and I would spend my first two years at a community college, earning credits and intending to transfer to a four year college later.  Unfortunately, my foolishness in spending ended me up in debt when I first received a credit card, which I did for a while relatively responsibly maintained.  To make a long story short, much of my money after this was dedicated to paying off debt.

Despite these setbacks, I intend to finish my education, and also obtain a career, rather than just a job.  I hope to document my attempts here, mostly for my own records, but perhaps helping out someone else who happens to be in a similar situation.  Perhaps you, who may just be entering the workforce for the first time, can learn from my mistakes; at the very least, this will help keep my thoughts in order.

-Joel de Bunchastu

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