Sunday, February 27, 2011

Good news!

I have off for the next few days, but that is of course not what I'm referring to.  I have been informed that my hours will be going back up at Deleto's, as long as I keep my times as they are/my car stays clean, which won't be a problem at all! 

I am still going to be trying to find a second job, just so that I can save much more quickly, and that all the money I get doesn't go to car maintenance.  My dream is to become a pharmacist, but I might also be interested in work with chemicals in general; after all, why restrict study to those substances which affect human health that are taken *deliberately*?

For a bit of a topic change, I've recently gotten my Xbox 360 to read a disc again!  The solution was depressingly physical, tapping the top of the xbox over the disc drive so that the laser realigns as it's reading it.  This wouldn't be necessary if Microsoft wasn't so overzealous in their anti-piracy coding and ended up disabling a huge amount of non-pirated games and dvds; truly, your ability astounds me.  Here's hoping that Microsoft actually admits it was their fault; at the moment it seems they are blaming customers, either citing pirated or dirty/scratched discs.  I have seen people send in their xbox to get it fixed, pay $100, and have it *still* not working due to the same disc reading error!

Shame on you Microsoft, how dare you steal people's money and then not even correctly fix a problem!

-Joel de Bunchastu

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