Monday, February 28, 2011

Second day off~

Went out to apply to a few places again, since I wasn't scheduled (big surprise!) at work; I was also able to get a few hours doorhanging, which is actually nice when the weather is warm and not too bright.  It also gives me a chance to get a little exercise and listen to some of my backlog of audio books, which is what I usually do while delivering.

I decided to get the Birdemic Rifftrax, and hope it's as funny as the others I've watched.  I haven't seen it yet, but I have high hopes for the quality of the .gifs!  It probably won't distract from the pumpkin festival action at all, but I will have extra gourds with me just in case Nguyen decides to go light on the squashfests.
Having a lot of free time is a problem I'm not used to; even with the job search, there are long hours where I don't really have much to do, so I have been going through my backlog of recorded tv.  Since I had never gotten around to watching TruTV ever since it changed from CourtTv, I tuned in and saw some commercials for Bait Car; that and the Operation Repo show actually look interesting to me, if slightly... seedy (Kind of like Pawn Stars, perhaps?)  

I will have to go grocery shopping in the next day or so, and despite it being quite unhealthy, I have been living off ramen/banquet tv dinners; at least I'm not breaking 1800 calories, and may even lose weight!  It will only cost me my heart what with all the salt, but hey it's not like that kind of thing is important or anything right?

-Joel de Bunchastu

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