Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tying Things Together

Just because I'm in love with seeing my own writing, I have added my twitter updates to my sidebar!  Apparently my very first post is the most popular, according to Blogger; I'm not qutie sure what to make of that, I'm hoping it's positive inn some way of course.

Speakig of positive action, it seems that Failbetter Games is working on the server problem that has been affecting Echo Bazaar for the past day.  I first became aware of it at about midnight tonight, when I got back from work; after trying to log in, I got a server error screen, which is an occasional event in all betas sooner or later.  Unfortunately, when I clicked on the link to go back to the main section, it looped back to the very same error screen; the page said this would signify that '"...somethig has gone very wrong.""

After having sent a email to the developmet team, I clicked the link again and actually arrived at the normal intro screen!  My hopes were dashed when that same error screen popped up; I am still left with the optimistic thought that it may just be normal maintenance, and it's not as if this will slow down progression in the game all that well.

As for Twitter, I am surprised to have as many as Thirty-Two (!!) followers on my account!  It feels strange, even though it is a relatively low number on twitter, it's more people I've had see my writing, not counting forums posts of course.  That site actually gave me inspiration to write more, and in rather increased volume.  It feels good to just let it out, even if it isn't read by anyone, even if it isn't intensely important.  It helps to have any kind of practice n writing, it tends to improve self-confidence after all.

My true hope is to write something that entertains another person; the practice makes me less timid, even if it does expose me to ridicule.  It isn't as if criticism would make my writing worse, after all; it mostly would work the other way, I'd like to think.

Would you like to see through a blogokami's eyes?
-Joel "R" de Bunchastryuuk

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