Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Elf Quest and the Puncturing of my New Tire~

Recently, while stumbling around TV Tropes, I found a comic that I hadn't heard of before, called Elf Quest.  It seems that all, or at least a great deal, of the issues have been put online!  Click here to start reading, but I warn you!  It's really easy to start an archive binge, but not so easy to find a resting place if you get caught up in it!

I had at first thought it had to do with another comic, Drow Tales, that I had heard about before, but that's not the case.  This was started in the late Seventies, and the art is done so well I had mistaken it for digital art!  Then again, there is always the chance that it had been digitally redone, but from what I can tell it was originally done so skillfully.

I have just finished the very first 'series' of Elf Quest, and have started the second run, "Siege at Blue Mountain".  Once I finally catch up, I hope there are some continuing issues being made; I will pace myself in any case, because disappointments like that can be unforeseeable, even if you think you're detached from the story.

During work today, however, something considerably less cheery happened.  Apparently there was a screw left by a construction crew in the road, and I had to pull to the side after hearing a sudden flapping sound.  I had to call AAA because my jack is missing, but thankfully my spare tire is in good repair.  I was actually in a relatively good mood about this, because this is the first time I bought one of those road hazard warranties, so it wasn't money wasted at all!

Either tomorrow or the next day I will head by Walmart and get my replacement tire, and hope that the rim wasn't too badly dented; worst case I can still drive on the spare for a day or two, and it gives me an excuse to check out the electronics area and see if I'm due for an upgrade yet.

For the lulz
-Joel de Bunchastu

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