Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finally going back to work

Tomorrow I finally am scheduled again, and since it is four days, it will be 4 in a row.  Hopefully I'll be able to save up enough cash to get me through till next week when my hours will go back up.  I may even be able to start saving again, but I am not going to give up my search for a second job; I won't leave Deleto's because that way I still have a job to fall back on in case I end up laid off.

I haven't heard from the temp agency yet, but I was told it might take a week or two at best for an opening, since I am relatively new compared to others.   While I have worked there before, I was off the payroll for years sine I had taken on other jobs, which caused me not to think it was so important to keep myself current there.

Even if it was something like helping catering companies, it would be a good amount per hour, and I'd get a paycheck weekly~

-Joel de Bunchastu

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