Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gilbert Gottfried

This morning, as I was driving to drop off a netflix dvd in the public mailbox by Bloom (AKA Food Lion for those of you who still remember~), I heard that Gilbert Gottfried had apparently made jokes about the disasters in Japan.  Apparently, they weren't the "Laughing in the face of pain" kind of jokes, but rather mock the victims.  It might even have been kinda sorta forgiveable if they were GOOD jokes, but they're as stupid as they are tasteless.

Some other comedians in the shock genre of comedy have come to his defense, but often I have noticed that people who have specialized in this seem not to think that any other kind of comedy might have value, or at least are not as good.  Making someone cringe voluntarily isn't, in my opinion, something entertaining, but I suppose it could be called a talent.  Then again, I do not greatly enjoy awkward situations when they come up without prior planning, but I can understand that some have different tastes in humor

I just wish sometimes that the dead baby comedians would sometimes consider why some people dislike them, and come up with an answer other than "They're just prudes"

-Joel de Bunchastu

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