Friday, March 4, 2011

Hours increase!

I am in luck, my hours have returned to the previous 5 days a week schedule!  I am still not closing on any of the days, but the increase in tips will make it a lot easier to save money, and my paychecks should go up again as well.  I only hope this is a continuing trend, as my manager claimed it would be; the job search will be extended, and in the mean time I need to make a living somehow.

A friend of mine online suggested joining a union of some kind; I am interested in returning to an electronics related field, and if I joined the IBEW there is training and, at locals with "hiring halls", help with job placement.  I would have to purchase tools though, which would seem to be a couple hundred dollars, so its not a quick-fix by any means!  I would start as an apprentice, but I'm willing to learn, and that kind of structure actually makes me a bit more eager to 'move up' in an organization.

I have the day off tomorrow, which will be spent tidying up some more around the house.  I've finished cleaning my car, and while it no longer has that new-car smell, at least it smells fresh.

-Joel de Bunchastu

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